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A subscription to KineMaster Premium transforms your editing experience. It gives you a huge amount of creative control over every aspect of your video projects. Here’s what you get with a subscription to KineMaster Premium:

• The KineMaster Asset Store has more than 1,700 amazing effects, transitions, stickers, music, SFX, clip graphics, fonts, and more!.
KineMaster Premium gives you access to all of them!

• Need advanced color grading, color filters, or blending modes?
KineMaster Premium presets and adjustments allow you to make your videos look cinematic.

• Tired of the “Made with KineMaster” watermark?
KineMaster Premium removes it.

• Get rid of pesky ads!
KineMaster Premium zaps ads on Android devices.

KineMaster bills subscriptions to KineMaster Premium through Apple or Google, depending on your device. A subscription to KineMaster Premium on Android is not transferable to iOS or vice-versa. If you need help with your KineMaster Premium subscription, please contact KineMaster’s customer support.

Manage your subscriptions on iPhone and iPad.
Accepted payment methods on iPhone and iPad.

Manage your subscriptions on Android devices.
Accepted payment methods on Android devices.

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