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A subscription to KineMaster Premium transforms your editing experience. It gives you a huge amount of creative control over every aspect of your video projects.

Here’s what you get with a subscription to KineMaster Premium:

• No watermark!
KineMaster Premium removes it.

• An interruption-free experience!
KineMaster Premium zaps ads, making everything faster and easier!

Subscribe to KineMaster Premium

• Premium Assets!
KineMaster Premium lets you download special assets from the KineMaster Asset Store.

KineMaster bills subscriptions to KineMaster Premium through Apple or Google, depending on your device. A subscription to KineMaster Premium on Android is not transferable to iOS or vice-versa. If you need help with your KineMaster Premium subscription, please contact KineMaster’s customer support.

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Accepted payment methods on Android devices.

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