Go Premium! Unlock the Full Power of KineMaster’s Asset Store

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KineMaster premium has everything you need to create professional videos

Get plugged into all the awesomeness KineMaster has to offer!

Upgrade your mobile editing experience with a subscription to KineMaster Premium, and start editing like a pro today.
Going Premium gives you endless creative control over every aspect of your video projects without interruption. To subscribe, all you have to do is tap the Subscribe Now crown button on the KineMaster Create screen. Subscription options will pop up and allow you to choose between a monthly and annual subscription. Tap to subscribe, and you’re set!

What Are the Benefits of Going Premium?

KineMaster Premium will unlock the full power of the app. It lets you download exclusive assets from the KineMaster Asset Store–anything from mindblowing video effects to copyright-free music. In short, Premium makes an already extensive library of assets even larger.

Premium also removes the watermark! The only mark your videos should have is your own. KineMaster premium allows your videos to shine watermark-free and without any distractions.

Lastly, upgrading your subscription creates a seamless, interruption-free editing experience. KineMaster Premium zaps all ads, making everything faster and easier.

The creative possibilities are endless with Premium! Keep reading to see how you can create ANY video with KineMaster’s premium assets.

Tap Into the Latest Trends with KineMaster Premium

The KineMaster Asset Store has everything you need to plug into what’s trending. You can recreate something eye-catching you saw on your feed or use Clip Graphics like Mono Poster to add a gritty urban look to anything from an outfit of the day video to an entire lookbook. Finally, match your clips to catchy Electronic or Hip Hop tunes like Bali Sunset or Puppy from the Premium Music Library for the full experience. Save and upload directly to your social media!

Premium Videos for Small Businesses

Going Premium gives you access to tons of assets for Small Businesses. Explore the Sticker category of the Asset Store to use exclusive stickers like Menu Board to list your restaurant’s or at-home-bakery businesses’ latest offerings.

Do you have a big business launch you want to create anticipation for? Make a video with the Fun Countdowns video. And remember to incorporate the super sleek Photo Slide transition to bring it all together!

Premium Videos for Corporate Communication

Corporate communications has a well-earned reputation for being overly prim, impersonal, and dry. But it doesn’t have to be! Instead, celebrate your team and build interpersonal relationships with Premium templates and Assets specifically created to make your communications more exciting and engaging.

Capture your team’s or colleagues’ attention with monthly birthday videos using the Birthday Neon Icons Sticker. Or capture office events or workshops with fun Clip Graphic Frames like Vivid Frame and Fancy Sticker Frame.

Learn why Real Estate Agents use KineMaster Premium here!

Premium Videos for Real Estate

Need to promote your Real Estate videos or show off your latest property? KineMaster has dozens of Premium Real Estate templates to choose from. Download the template of your choice and tap to customize or replace media. Creating original content curated for your business has never been easier. 

Make Premium Teaching Videos with KineMaster

Online teaching and tutorials have taken the internet by storm! You can find online tutorials on makeup, cooking, organizing, DIY projects, and more – all over social media. The demand is high, and creators in this niche have quickly saturated the category. KineMaster’s premium tutorial templates have made it easy to stand out and easily create unique and informative content for your audience. Search keywords such as Teach and Tutorial to explore these options now!

Make the jump to Premium and unlock your full creative potential now!

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor for iOS and Android. Make sure to download the latest version, KineMaster 6.0, on your app store today!

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