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Create spooky social media content

Spooky season is well underway, so your social media feed is most likely full of all things Halloween and trending… but don’t let this season end without getting in on all the fun! 
KineMaster allows you total creative control over how your videos look! Stack up videos, images, stickers, transitions, and clip graphics to create a frighteningly good, one-of-a-kind Halloween video! Read on to learn how the Asset Store has everything you need to make the perfect video for this spooky season!

Electrifying Erie Video Effects 

Find effects in the KineMaster asset store

Create a cohesive tone and aesthetic throughout your Halloween video with KineMaster’s creepiest Effects (FX). 

KineMaster Effects are persistent layers that affect everything underneath the Primary Timeline. They can be animated using In, Out, Overall Animations, and Keyframes. Some video FX even have unique animation options. You can access these added options by tapping the Timeline’s FX layer and then the Options Panel Settings button.
Scroll, tap, and apply the Horror Shake or Ghosting effect to whatever part of your video for the ultimate grungy and creepy lo-fi effects.

Standout Spooky Stickers

Customize your video with a simple tap and paste! With Stickers, adding that last creative touch to your video has never been easier. Browse our Sticker packs in our expansive library for a variety of seasonal stickers. In addition, we have intro titles, labels, and animated extras to make any video jump out in your feed!

There are two types of KineMaster sticker graphics: static and animated. Static stickers don’t move, but you can animate them using In, Out, and Overall Animations and Keyframes.
Our seasonal faves are Spooky Halloween, Spooky Spiders, Doodle Halloween, Halloween Bubble, Happy Halloween, and Halloween Silhouette. It’s the easiest way to take your video from basic to fun, all while incorporating the latest, trending seasonal touches.

Also, don’t forget when you use your keyword of choice, you can find the sticker pack that best suits your creative vision!

Asset Store SFXs and Music

Accomplish the most epic, hair-raising ambiance by creating the perfect sonic experience!

KineMaster has an extensive library of music, Sound Effects (SFX), and tools to get you there. In addition, KineMaster’s music and sound effects are copyright free. Therefore, you can use them in your videos without worrying about violating copyright rules on any social channel. The app also has fantastic tools for adding, changing and improving your video’s sound. It also has tools to adjust your audio EQ, change voices, extract audio from one clip and move it around. 

Find our recommendations for all things Halloween-y below:

  • Music: Rest In Peace, Darkest Heart, Autumn Dance
  • SFX: Scary Transitions, Falling Scream, Voices 14

Get Creative with Clip Graphics

Include animated graphics in your video when you don’t have the time to keyframe everything. Clip graphics provide the perfect workaround! Create breathtaking text and title effects in seconds, add themed animated frames, or touch up your video with old film grain or any other visual distortion. The Clip graphics category has a surprising amount of excellent content to explore—from your day-to-day needs to all the other tremulously terrific effects. 

Get started with our favorites: Doodle Halloween Frame, Halloween Simple Frame, and Halloween is Here.

Feel free to search for anything your spooky heart desires. Tap the search bar and type in the most relevant keyword!

Add Your Twist to Trending Videos with Transitions

Leave the best for last! Transitions allow you to create interesting visual effects between clips and images imported to the Primary Timeline. You can apply one transition between each media clip. Control the transition duration using the time dial, which appears under the Preview. The length of the transition depends on the length of the clip it’s applied to. Longer clips will have longer transition durations available.

Transitions like All Hallows Glitch add a fun and terrifying touch. Awesome transitions from the KineMaster library can help you workout your video’s final flow!

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor for iOS and Android. Make sure to download the latest version on your app store today!

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