3 Seasonal Videos for your Business

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Create videos for your business with KineMaster

Video Marketing during the holidays is very important for any business. This is the best time to showcase seasonal products, online sales, and gain more traffic to your business. Make sure to plan out the type of videos you want to film beforehand. KineMaster can help you save time editing with various holiday video templates available to use. Create something eye-catching and fun that will get your audience interested with a few simple taps! Here are just a few videos that every business needs to create for the holiday season.

Videos for Halloween

Join in on the fun with spooky season! Everyone loves a good Halloween theme and there are many ways that you can achieve a great video. Color grade your video to make them look more spooky and use some special effects to take your video to the next level. Running low on time or ideas? Use one of KineMaster Halloween video templates and replace the media with your own! 

Videos with Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Everyone loves a good deal; Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the time everyone is searching for the best sales. Get your audience excited for these days and start giving a sneak peak on what sales they can expect to see. Use product videos to share why your product stands out. Use KineMaster Stickers to share what type of sales you will be having and create buzz around your deals and stand out from the competition. Don’t just create one video, stay fresh on your audience’s minds by appearing in their feed various times.

Videos for Christmas

Christmas shopping always starts months before December so be sure to plan for this! Create a gift giving guide and make it easy on the holiday shoppers to find gifts. Share the happiness and joy your products can bring. Adding some Christmas stickers and effects to your videos can help your video have some holiday magic. 

Remember it is very important to plan ahead! Seasonal marketing videos start appearing one to two months before. This gives people time to find your video and prepare for the holidays. KineMaster can help you reduce production time with video templates or make your own video and find tons of holiday stickers than you can use in the KineMaster Asset Store. Don’t let this holiday season sneak up on you! 

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor for iOS and Android. Make sure to download the latest version on your app store today!

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