KineMaster is your Own Creative Agency in the Palm of your Hand

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KineMaster puts you in control of your video content: Create professional videos in minutes with a huge library of templates for every kind of business!  

The video editing app for iOS and Android KineMaster is designed to be an essential marketing tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners. With more than 25,000 different video templates, the app offers an ever-growing gallery of customizable templates for different business sectors including restaurants, realtors, educators, corporations, and marketing.

"KineMaster has transformed our company"

KineMaster was able to make our compliance educational videos fun! By taking our best educational videos and compiling it into a very cool trailer that we can place on our website, market it on social… It’s just so easy! It reduces time, it reduces cost. It just was seamless and our team was able to tackle it.” say Dawn & Rob Van Buskirk, co-founders of the company VanRein Compliance.

The app interface introduces downloadable templates made in partnership with production studios all over the world. The easily customizable video templates allow users to replace the media and create professional-quality videos using nothing but their mobile devices. “KineMaster has transformed our company into a marketing machine!” says business owner Rob Van Buskirk about creating video content with the KineMaster app. It really is a game changer for businesses and entrepreneurs that don’t have the time or resources to create a promotional video from scratch.

KineMaster really aims to offer the best quality video content for businesses around the world. We are on a mission to make video creation easy and accessible for everyone. We put a lot of time, effort and money into developing our app to carefully improve it with every update.” says Shawn Kim, KineMaster’s CMO and Head of Americas and EMEA Operations.

KineMaster recently released its 6.2 version update with major UI improvements:

• New ways to find video templates on the Home Screen

• 16 brand-new voice changer options

• Multi-select option to organize your videos on the Create Screen

• Improvements to the Magic Remover tool

KineMaster has Reached 3.5 Million Members in 3 Months!

Find out why creators love KineMaster for social media promotions and why business owners, journalists, educators, and marketers use it professionally! You can unlock even more benefits with a Premium subscription, removing the KineMaster watermark and giving you unlimited access to the entire KineMaster Asset Store, where you can download tons of special video effects, add-ons, and more!

About KineMaster: KineMaster has been one of the world’s leading multimedia software innovators for over 20 years, growing to more than 150 dedicated employees. KineMaster features app localization and customer service support in 18 languages and has a total cumulative install of 590,224,336 as of August 2022.

Download the app:

KineMaster for iOS

KineMaster for Android

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