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Food is the ultimate unifier. What better way to reach or relate to others than sharing a well-executed recipe or a delicious homemade meal? Food-related content offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with new audiences or existing consumers across various niches and demographics in the current online landscape. 

The KineMaster mobile editing app offers everything you need to execute a professional, social media-optimized food video for any platform. Read to the end to learn how to create your very own trending food video with KineMaster.

Explore Our Library of Curated and Customizable Templates

Currently, KineMaster’s Mix page has over 20,000 video templates curated for all social media platforms. A sizable portion of those templates are food-related, ranging from recipes, aesthetics, business promos, and tutorial videos

Whether you want to share your latest recipe or promote your most popular baked goods, the Mix tab in the app offers an array of easy-to-download, customize, and share food video templates while saving you a ton of time!

Search key #hashtags like #food, #cooking, #recipe, and #restaurant to start exploring and creating today!

Easily Elevate your Videos with Text and Clip Graphics

Take your clips from basic to dynamic with KineMaster’s Clip Graphics. Want to add some animated graphics to your video but don’t have the time or skillset to keyframe everything? Clip Graphics can get you the desired look with just a few finger taps. Create fantastic text and title effects in seconds, add themed animated frames, or touch up your video with old film grain or other attractive accents. The Clip Graphics category has a diverse amount of excellent content to select from.

Stand out from the social media crowd, by adding these effects to your video clips.

Make your Content Shine with KineMaster Stickers

Give your video an eye-catching finishing touch with the Asset Store’s fun, foodie sticker packs. There are two types of sticker graphics: static and animated. Static stickers don’t move, but you can animate them using In, Out, and Overall Animations and Keyframes

Search the most relatable keywords in the Asset Store navigator to pull up the perfect stickers for your cooking content. Sticker packs come in bundles of five to ten, making creating a cohesive look throughout your video seamless and easy.

Tap into Trending Skits

Don’t ignore what’s trending! While it’s important to curate your unique content and brand voice, keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s popular is essential to creating trending content. Food videos can be informative while still being fun, engaging, and not taking themselves too seriously. Intentional jump cuts, transitions, and stickers can make a simple before and after video viral. Watch this KineMaster bakery promo for an example of how to level up your social cooking videos!

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor for iOS and Android. Make sure to download the latest version, KineMaster 6.1, on your app store today!

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