7 Essential Mobile Video Editing Tools

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Created with 3 Different Kinds of KineMaster Assets: Clip Graphics, Stickers and Videos.

Did you know that KineMaster has a place where you can find free videos, green screen overlays, copyright free music, effects, and much more? All this can be found in the KineMaster Asset Store! To access the KineMaster Asset Store, tap the button that looks like a shop awning underneath the Media Wheel in your editing interface. To download items from the KineMaster Asset Store, tap on any asset, then tap Download. Make sure to subscribe to KineMaster Premium to access the full contents of the Asset Store!

Effects: Transform Your Footage

KineMaster offers a wide variety of categories with different types of Effects. Why would you want to add Effects to your video? Effects allow you to totally transform your video and can be used in endless different ways! Use a Color Effect as a way to color grade your videos. Effects in the Glitch or Lens category can be used as transitions. You can use Transform Effects to put your face on an angled billboard, and Noise Effects to make your footage look vintage. You can Keyframe Effects to change their size and position over time, as well as animate them in and out. The Pop out – Bounce Effect seen below causes a cool superimposed effect over the Effect’s area that can be adjusted to sync with the beats of your music!

Transitions: Make Your Scenes Pop!

Transitions allow you to go from one clip to another seamlessly. Make your video more engaging by adding Transitions! Once you have found the perfect Transition you want to use, add it by tapping the gray box in between each clip. The Transition menu will appear. Select the Transition you would like to use to see a preview of the effect, and adjust the slider to change the duration of your chosen Transition. Transitions come in a variety of themes that can tailor to any kind of video.

Action Transitions cause your footage to mimic camera-transition movement and can be a dynamic way to link shots. 3D transitions can help create an artsy/retro vibe: see how the 3D Multiview transition above breaks a static image into multiple moving pieces to cause movement to the next image. 

Stickers: Add Something Amazing!

Stickers in the KineMaster Asset Store really have a lot to offer! You can find a variety with Stickers for text, for a specific holiday, or even fun decorative stickers that you can add to your video. There is a sticker for almost any occasion you can think of! Sticker Frames are a great way to add an eye catching frame to your media. Add Stickers to your videos by tapping the on Layers button and tapping Sticker, and all the Stickers that you have downloaded from the Asset Store will appear! Stickers can also be Keyframed and animated in and out of your videos. You can layer them to create amazing graphic design effects by using the Capture and Save Tool! See how the Travel Scrapbook Sticker frame adds interest and flair to the video in the image below.

Music & Sound Effects: Create a Soundscape!

Did you know that all the music on the KineMaster Asset Store can be used without any copyright concerns? Find different genres listed under the music category. With hundreds of tracks, we can guarantee there is definitely a sound that will compliment your video. 

Listen though the songs KineMaster has to offer and download the sounds you think might be perfect to use in your video! Simply go back to the editing screen, tap on the Audio button on the media wheel, look through music downloaded from the Asset Store, tap on the song you decided to use and it will appear on your Timeline. You can also find all of KineMaster’s music on Spotify! Once you’ve added your music, you can use KineMaster’s suite of audio editing tools to transform, mute, adjust, Volume Envelope your tracks and more. Learn some ways you can create a custom soundscape here!

Not only can you find music in the Asset Store, but you can also find Sound Effects. Sound Effects give your video a more cinematic feel, add sounds your phone would normally not pick up like a bird chirping, mouse clicks, or foot steps. Adding this extra sonic layer can really go a long way towards giving your video a professional finish. As you can see in the image above, both the song Autumn Sunset and the sound effect Beach 1 – Far have been added to mimic the sounds and energy of a day on the sea. Dive into the Asset Store today to start really taking your videos to the next level!

Clip Graphics: Add Graphics, Animation, Text and More!

Clip Graphics are animated graphics that you can use to instantly transform video. They are especially useful if you don’t have time to Keyframe everything or you don’t have a lot of experience layering Stickers, Text, and In/Out/Overall Animation. Cip Graphics are our favorite way to add animated text, cool effects, or a professionally designed frame to your video.

There are many Clip Graphics to choose from in different categories, and each can add something different to your video. Keep in mind that you can only apply Clip Graphics to your Primary Timeline Media– that’s images and videos you’ve added with the Media button. Select the media you want to use with a Clip Graphic. On the options panel, scroll and tap on Clip Graphic, then select from your previous downloaded Clip Graphics. Many Clip Graphics have text options, where you can add text and customize the font to your liking. On the clip in the image below, the Clip Graphic Vintage Vlog has been applied. Compare it to the clip in the previous interface image: the clip has been framed to look as if it’s been taped to something, and cool film burn effects have been added along with our custom text. All of this happened with just one tap! Pretty cool, right? Head to the Clip Graphics section of the Asset Store to start using these amazing assets today. 

Pro tip: Transitions don’t always go well with Clip Graphics. A way to get around this is adding an Effect layer that looks like a transition. Once you have selected the Effect you want to use, drag it on the Timeline and place it in between your clips. Learn more on how to organize your layers here!

Videos & Images: Copyright Free Media, All for You!

Videos in the Asset Store can really take your video to the next level. There are various Green Screen videos and you can use along with Chroma Key. You can also simply use Magic Remover if you find a cool video you want to use as a background! In the image below, see how we used Magic Remover against the Tropical Vibes Video from the Asset Store to create a custom, graphic-designed effect. 

And don’t overlook the images in the Asset Store – there are some real hidden gems that can be found!

Each image packet has a theme and various images that fit that theme. You can truly create some amazing things with images. Use it as a background or a border, create custom flyers or backgrounds for explainer videos, or use them to frame and enhance your posts for social media. Below you can see how two Image packets, Newspaper Collage and Abstract, were combined to create a cool layered background for these images. Keep reading to see how the Text tool ties all of these graphics together!

Text: Options for Every Video!

Don’t just use the system fonts that come with your device– pick and choose from a wide variety of fonts from the Asset Store! All of KineMaster’s fonts are free to download and use. KineMaster also allows you to download and add any copyright-free font you’d like from other sources to KineMaster for use in the app. 

To use your desired font simply tap Layer, then Text, and type your desired text. KineMaster has tons of options for Text layers so that your writing can be perfectly customized for each video. In the options panel select Fonts to change the font of your text. You can Keyframe your text, animate it, change the color and opacity, add outline, shadow, and glow, and so much more!

KineMaster is constantly adding to the Asset Store. You can find all the new additions under the New tab. Make sure to jump into the Asset Store the next time you’re in KineMaster. With KineMaster’s thousands of assets and tons of tools, your only limit is your imagination! We can’t wait to see what you create next. 

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor for iOS and Android. Make sure to download the latest version, KineMaster 6.1, on your app store today!

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