How to Make Trending Content with KineMaster’s Magic Remover

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Made with KineMaster’s Magic Remover Tool

Social Media has long since stopped being simply a way to keep up with friends and family. Today, brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs leverage video-forward social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to capture consumer attention in seconds.
Creating videos that stand out, appeal to a wide range of viewers, and grab enough eyes to be considered trending doesn’t have to be complicated. KineMaster’s Magic Remover is an easy way to add impressive effects to any video.

What exactly does KineMaster’s Magic Remover do?

With KineMaster’s Magic Remover tool, you can turn something as simple as phone-shot footage into envy-worthy trending video content. Below, we explain how a few easy steps can help you tap into the latest video trend—or transform you or your brand into trending video trailblazers.

KineMaster’s Magic Remover traces an individual’s silhouette and deletes the background with a simple tap of a button. Then, you can add your own perfectly curated background to match your aesthetic!

Using Magic Remover is easy! First, apply it on video or image layers and NOT the primary Timeline for videos/images. Next, you need to tap on the video/image layer >> tap on Magic Remover on the options panel >> wait until the process is done — and you have an entirely revamped video!

Try These 3 KineMaster Trends with the Magic Remover Tool

1. Get Scrappy with the Scrapbook Trend

You don’t need overpriced editing software to create dynamic, trendy effects that can connect with consumers and gain traction for your brand and social media page. By applying the Magic Remover tool to various footage, you can create a stunning scrapbook effect. Try alternating between footage of people and fun inanimate objects to achieve the collage effect, including beautiful images of landscapes. Integrating fun KineMaster effects and filters will elevate the video even more so. Lastly, sync your image/video layers to a copyright-free KineMaster song of your choice!  

2. Showcase Your Seasonal Faves with this Seasonal Trend

You don’t need to wait a year to capture the best of the four seasons. A few taps on the KineMaster app and a swap of seasonal backgrounds can transport your favorite footage to any time of the year. Outside of this being a super fun trend — it can help showcase seasonal products and looks at any time of the year while better engaging consumers. 

3. Simple Background Change Trend to Elevate Any Video

Do you have a video to share that’s missing that extra spark? The Magic Remover allows you to take any fun video shot in your bedroom, an empty office, or in front of an unsightly cityscape to the next level. Remove any eyesores with a button tap and transform your footage into a gorgeous, professional-looking video. The days of location scouting are long gone with the KineMasters Magic remover! Take the app’s video editing magic wherever you go. 

Learn more about how to use our Magic Remover here.

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor for iOS and Android. Make sure to download the latest version, KineMaster 6.1, on your app store today!

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