3 Viral Real Estate Video Secrets

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Shoot viral real estate video with KineMaster

Real estate videos are a powerful way to draw attention to your listings and your realtor profile. The Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers reported that 51% of buyers found the home they purchased on the internet. Including powerful visuals in your home listings is paramount to standing out and generating more leads. That is why KineMaster has created a significant amount of video templates that are easily replaceable and will make all of your listings look a thousand times better! 

KineMaster is a full featured video editing app for iOS and Android and allows you to create awesome videos with just a few taps. With a very powerful Asset Store, the video editing app has thousands of effects, transitions and stickers that you can use in order to make your listing video unique and authentic. 

These days, sharing real estate videos is the most essential way to market the homes and properties you’re selling. An exciting and engaging piece of content draw in eyes, engagement and potential buyers, making them more likely to reach out to you or your agency. Videos are the best way to let them know the home you’re selling has what they are looking for. The most powerful marketing technique you can employ are videos! Luckily, it doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming to produce them anymore–KineMaster has tons of beautiful, easy to customize real estate templates where you can showcase your latest listings.

Videos have become even more important since the pandemic. Buyers are no longer as eager to book a private viewing and are more interested in viewing a home online without stepping out of their current home. In short, real estate videos are a social-distancing-friendly method of showing a home to a buyer — no keys required. Keep reading for the three most essential marketing videos you can create easily for real estate success with KineMaster.

1- WalkThroughs

Have beautiful rooms you want to show off? What better way than to film a walkthrough of the house! Walkthroughs immerse your viewers in the gorgeous details of your property and create the desire you need in order to sell your listing. See the Instagram post below to see how real estate agent Krista Nickols showcases a gorgeous property walkthrough using a KineMaster template.

2- Aerial View and Outside Features

Captivate the attention of potential buyers with sweeping drone shots of the property to show off the desirable location and create awesome visuals for your video. Consider the time of day when shooting. Begin the video with bright morning shots, then close with a sunset shot. Hire a drone videographer if possible, because quality is everything! Make sure to show off all sides of the home from the outside so that you can see the backyard, windows, and outer walls. Drone shots can easily be combined in one of KineMaster’s countless templates to create a seamless video with ease.

Capture great aerial views of your property

3- Big-Ticket Features

What are the most desirable selling points of your property? Newly remodeled kitchen? Hardwood floors throughout? 12 foot ceilings and a pool? Create a video that showcases one or all of these big-ticket items that potential buyers are searching for. Preparing a shot list ahead of time will help you maintain focus on the day of filming. Shoot with natural light whenever possible. The quality of your video will look infinitely better and it will send a message to buyers that this home is bright and airy. We highly recommend that you schedule your shootings for the morning time, as the light is gentle and not harsh. We recommend this KineMaster video template as a way to create a video like this super easily! Just use the Replace tool to replace the existing media. See this template in action below:

So what are you waiting for? Jump into KineMaster today and start making viral videos for your real estate business! For more information on filming read 5 Filming Tips for Mobile Filmmakers. Good luck!

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor for iOS and Android. Make sure to download the latest version, KineMaster 6.1, on your app store today!

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