4 KineMaster Tips to Color Grade Like a Pro

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Want to know the secret to giving your video a professional look? Color grading! It’s a great way to help make each of your video clips look cohesive and give them a more aesthetic look. There are many different ways to adjust the colors in your media. You can adjust the hue, highlights, saturation, and temperature. Adjusting each one of these features will give your video a different look. KineMaster offers different ways to apply color grading to your video.

Color Grade With Filters      Color Grade With Adjustment Tool      Color Grade With Effects      Color Grade With Background Colors

Why is Color Grading Important?

While color grading is optional, adjusting the colors in your video is a fantastic way to create different moods. Check out this Instagram Reel to see how different the same video looks with various methods of color grading applied. Warmer tones (such as yellows and oranges) give your video a more happy and cheerful mood. To accomplish a wintery, chilled out effect, applying blue tones and hues is the way to go. Keep reading for four different ways you can color grade your videos with just a few taps in KineMaster!

Color Grade with KineMaster Filters

Color grading can look difficult, but KineMaster does the work for you. By using preset filters, KineMaster can help you color grade your videos and photos on your phone without needing expensive, time-consuming software. Simply tap to apply a filter to your video if you are not comfortable with adjusting manually. You can apply the same filter to all of the media in your video to instantly accomplish a color grading effect.

Test different KineMaster filter and pick the one that compliments to mood of your video.

Color Grade with KineMaster’s Adjustment Tool

For those who want more control over the look of their film, we recommend the Adjustment tool. This tool allows you to manually color grade your videos. Select the media you would like to color grade, scroll down on the menu panel and select Adjustment. Here you can go through each of the options and adjust by using the slider. You have the option to Apply to All or if you want to start over again hit the Reset button.

Create different effects by changing color adjustments

Color Grade with KineMaster Effects

KineMaster offers another option to color grade your videos: Effects! To apply an effect to your video, open the KineMaster Asset Store. Under Effects, go to the Color option and you will find various effects that can be used to help you color grade your video! We recommend using Auto HDR.

Download the effect to use on your video

This effect allows you to instantly brighten your footage leaving you with a vibrant video. This is the easiest and fastest way to color grade your videos, saving you time in the editing process! 

Apply to effect to your video.

Use a Background Color as a Filter 

Another simple way to apply a color grade to your videos is using a background color. To do this, add a solid color layer to your KineMaster video. Under Blending, change the opacity and play with each blending mode to find the one that fits with the vibe of your video!

Adjust the opacity with the slider

Take it a step further by using the Adjustment panel for your solid color layer to adjust the hue by using the sliding tool.

Adjust the hue with slider

Find the step by step tutorial on how to use a background color as a filter in this Instagram post!

KineMaster offers you different methods to add color grading to your videos, from applying filters, adding effects, adjusting manually, or using a background color for an easy and fast video editing process. Test out one of KineMaster’s color grading features today!

For advanced KineMaster users, you can learn more about creating the best footage possible to give you maximum color grading capabilities here.

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor for iOS and Android. Make sure to download the latest version, KineMaster 6.1, on your app store today!

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