Tips for Creating Fitness Videos

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Whether you own a fitness studio, sell equipment and gear, or are a fabulous fitness influencer, you’re going to need some amazing videos to promote yourself. You may not know this, but video ads are the number one way consumers discover a brand they will purchase from later. Having popular videos can launch your influencer career, or sell your product! Keep reading for the essential tips on how to make successful fitness videos from start to finish!

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Turn your Ideas into a Script

Before you start recording, you’ll want to set some ground rules and strategize what are the key factors you want to showcase in your workout session. First, decide what you want to film! Having a clear intention with your video will ultimately lead you to success with any marketing campaign’s key objective: engagement on social media platforms. Write out a script covering all exercises and points you want to share with your audience. Write with targeted copy and adjust your tone and style to match accordingly. For example, write different scripts for beginner classes and advanced classes.

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Natural Lighting is your Best Friend

The proper lighting can make or break the visual quality of your video. Stay away from low, yellow, flickering lights or heavy shadows—plan to film your content in a well-lit location with abundance of natural light.  For any video content material, the lighting element is crucial in the aesthetic appearance of your video. It also boosts the artistic elements in the footage. 

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Authenticity is the Wow Factor

Talking to the camera has to be something you feel excited about and comfortable with. It is much easier to watch and engage with a personable character therefore, your personality should shine through! It’s a challenge to look natural and authentic in front of the cameras, so we recommend practice and rehearsal. Rehearsing saves time by reducing the amount of retakes you might need later on. You’ll want to make sure you look like the subject matter expert, so practice your moves a few times beforehand!

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Your Location Sets the Vibe

Select a place with minimal background clutter or distractions when choosing a location. A solid-colored or plain white wall is a great option and keeps unnecessary clutter out of the frame. Mother nature is also the greatest location of all. Filming workout sessions and stretching classes outdoors usually leads to very beautiful shots. You will create the real magic in your editing!

Professional Video Made Easy

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