How to Create Video Magic with KineMaster

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Throughout the ages, the best way to capture an audience’s attention is with a magic trick. So why wouldn’t you want to apply this strategy to your video marketing? Whether it’s a slick editing technique or a special effect, magical touches here and there can go a long way towards keeping your audience glued to your videos long enough to become interested in your product. And the good news is in: it’s not nearly as hard as you think to create amazing magical effects in your videos! You don’t even need fancy equipment, lenses, or overpriced editing programs, just your smartphone and KineMaster! Whether you want a full-on optical illusion or just a cool looking overlay, we’ve got you covered with easy editing solutions. Keep reading for three ways to create video magic with KineMaster.

How To Make Things Appear

Our first magical trick is all about filming and editing in just the right spot. If you’re looking to make something appear, the easiest way to film is long, straight shot on one background. This means you should set up your smartphone to film in a stable position (preferably with a tripod, but you can have a friend hold it still or prop it on something). Film your establishing shot first, with the item you want to appear not in frame. Then, bring your hand into the frame and snap your fingers, wave a wand, or whichever action you’d like to use to make your item appear. Last, bring your item into frame and film it for a few seconds. Repeat this process with as many items as you’d like. The second half of this trick happens in the editing studio. Open up KineMaster and load up your clips (the empty shot, the finger snap shot, and the shot with the item). Tap the Trim/Split tool and trim off your finger snap shot right after your hand pulls out of the frame. Trim your item shot right into where it is just sitting in your background, and voila! You have a magically appearing item, courtesy of a just a few minutes effort! Check out this tutorial on our YouTube channel for a walkthrough of how to create a similar effect. 

How To Create Clones

Our next magical trick is classic, and it’s a lot easier to create than you might think! This trick is particularly useful for fashion brands, professional creators, or those looking to showcase multiple products at once in a fun and interesting way. You’ll want to start in the same way you did the first way, with your camera set up filming a background from a stable position. 

Film with one person walking into frame two or three times, staying within one area of the frame and posing or doing an action. Now, open up KineMaster and load up one clip onto the Primary Timeline. Add the second and/or third clips as Layers, trimming them to fit within the scene. Tap on them and use the Cropping tool to trim the sides of the clip so that it’s not covering any of the other clones in the scene. And voila! You have an easy clone clone effect in KineMaster. For a full walkthrough, make sure to check out this tutorial

How to Create Magical Effects

One of the most magical effects you can create with KineMaster is with one of its most under-utilized tools: the Blending tool. Combined with Video Assets from the Asset Store over your media, this tool can create truly next-level effects on your videos. To create an effect similar to the one in the video above, open up a KineMaster project and add in your media. Then, tap Layer>Media Video Assets, and tap on the Black Bag Video. If you don’t have it, tap on the Asset Store button (it looks like a storefront), and download it in the 3D category. Once it’s added over your media, tap on it to select it, then scroll down and tap on Blending. Tap on Screen to see the magic happen! Now, your video clip looks as though it’s wrapped in vinyl or cellophane. You can use the Screen option in Blending on tops of the Video and Image Assets to create amazing, blended magical effects on your videos. We highly recommend it with the Colorful Bokeh videos to give them a glowing sparkle. 

If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to create videos that make your audience stop scrolling, make sure to follow us on Instagram. So what’re you waiting for? Get out there and start creating your own magic today with KineMaster.

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor for iOS and Android. Make sure to download the latest version, KineMaster 6.0, on your app store today!

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