How Videos Benefit Your Business

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There is no doubt that videos are a very important part of marketing for any business. Most social media platforms are focusing on short form videos, which play to short consumer attention spans. The great news is no fancy equipment is needed to start the content creation journey for your business. Everything can be filmed on your phone and edited with mobile apps like KineMaster! We believe that great videos can be the difference between marketing failure and success for countless businesses. But don’t take our word for it– keep reading for four essential benefits of making videos to promote your business! 

Improve Brand Awareness

What does it mean when people say video content is being “pushed” by all social media platforms? The algorithm that displays content on social media platforms tends to favor video content over still images, meaning it has the potential to reach a wider audience. Videos allow you to grasp viewers’ attention with the benefit of making it easier for them to digest the content. The greater the engagement within a video, the more it will show up on people’s feed. Not only are you able to reach new audiences, you’ll create more brand awareness. 

Improve SEO Ranking 

We all want our business to be the #1 search result on Google, but did you know that videos can help you get there? Videos aren’t just great for social media promotion– they’re also very beneficial for your business’s SEO.  When you have a video embedded on your website, search engines like Google will push websites that have videos because it increases the time someone spends looking at your page. This creates more engagement, showing Google’s algorithm that there is something valuable and important on your page. All of this helps push your website to farther up the search results!  

Build Trust

Filming behind the scenes videos and putting your face in front of the camera helps build trust with your audience. People love to see how a product is created and the hard work that went into it. It makes them feel like they are part of the journey and increases their support towards a brand. Viewers like to know who they are supporting and want to feel a connection with the brands they choose. Speaking directly to your audience and telling your brand’s story creates a personal connection with your audience, bringing in more customers. 

Educate Your Customers 

Some of the most viewed videos are those containing educational content with valuable information. Use this as an advantage to showcase your product or service and what makes it unique. Educating viewers on the benefits of your product can only increase the amount of potential customers. Many people like to watch videos or demos of products before they choose to buy. A great demo or explainer video can be a fantastic way to close the pitch with countless potential customers!

Video Marketing Made Easy 

Filming and editing videos for your business does not need to be time consuming. KineMaster makes it fast and easy to edit on the go by providing different templates that you can choose from and customize depending on your business needs. One video can be repurposed across multiple platforms saving you time on having to create different content for each platform. Follow these steps on How to Brand Your Videos to make sure your videos look professional and consistent.  

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor for iOS and Android. Make sure to download the latest version, KineMaster 6.0, on your app store today!

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