5 Filming Tips for Mobile Filmmakers

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Being an on-the-go professional content creator, entrepreneur, or small business owner should never be an obstacle when you’re creating content. Mobile video editing allows easy video creation and marketing access in a social media landscape where video means visibility. Follow KineMaster’s top 5 filming tips for a simple guide to fool-proof mobile filmmaking. Showcase your work to as many people as possible!

Aspect Ratio First!

What are aspect ratios, and why do they matter when creating your next video idea? Simply put, a video’s aspect ratio is the frame’s width measured against its height — expressed as a ratio (ex. 1:1, 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, etc.).

Different ratios are ideal for various social media channels and features. While it may be tempting to create one video and share it in multiple proportions across multiple platforms, a fast way to capture high-quality content for a particular platform is to shoot the video in the ratio you plan to publish it in. Choose your aspect ratio, then film in that aspect ratio to ensure your subjects are optimally centered. Planning ahead in this way helps achieve a polished and professional look with minimal editing. KineMaster allows editing in every aspect ratio you could need for film and social media: 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:3, 3:4, 4:5, and 2.35:1!

Invest in a tripod or gimbal. 

Shaky videos are an eye-sore! Don’t make the rookie mistake of publishing a shaky video to your audience or potential clientele. You can easily avoid this by investing in a couple of pieces of inexpensive equipment. Tripods provide stable support for your camera, allowing you to capture sharp, steady footage with effects like long exposures and smooth panning.

Much like tripods, gimbals significantly improve the stabilization of footage. However, they are slightly more versatile in still allowing handheld shooting. Besides being lightweight and affordable, its one-time setup is fast and easy.

Get the big three shots!

Don’t be boring. Make sure you’re consistently captivating your viewers by shooting fun and dynamic footage! A good rule of thumb is to hone in on the big three shots. Shoot close-ups, medium shots, then long shots for an exciting range of film footage to edit.

Not only will this set you up with an excellent content library, but it will also make creating engaging videos faster and easier.

Lighting is key!

A good video is a well-lit video! Poorly lit footage will degrade video quality and make it difficult to incorporate other stock or high-quality footage into your video. Ensuring your subjects are well-lit saves you from wasting precious time retroactively trying to fix dark footage in the editing process.

Choose an excellent mobile editing app!

Avoid expensive, hard-to-use editing software—download KineMaster 6.0 on your phone to kickstart your seamless content creation journey. Use KineMaster with its fantastic range of easy-to-use professional editing features, assets, and video templates today.

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor for iOS and Android. Make sure to download the latest version, KineMaster 6.0, on your app store today! 

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