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Making content for multiple platforms to promote your business can be a daunting task when you’re limited on time. That’s why we’ve put together a few marketing tips that can help you reach your business goals faster when you’re creating content. Because video is the king of online content, make sure to read to the end for an amazing content creation hack that will change the way you create forever!

It’s common knowledge that paid social media content will reach a bigger audience, generate more sales and create more brand awareness. But in order to get the return on your investment, you need to make sure that your video content is sharp and conveys a powerful message for your audience. Before you start editing, follow these steps to create the perfect Instagram Story, Reel or TikTok Ad:

Choose your target audience wisely. 

When working on an ad, it’s important to ensure that it is effectively targeting potential customers. Start with a wider range, then narrow down your focus over time. Targeting custom audiences allows you to develop the proper marketing strategy by knowing who to design your ad for, how to communicate with your audience, and which platform to use. For Example: If your audience is Gen Z, your best bet would be a TikTok ad, under 15 seconds in length, with an entertaining skit plot and bright colors. 

Decide whether you’re building brand awareness or product awareness. 

Where one-off ads are primarily designed to highlight a specific seasonal product, the intention of campaigns is to create long-term brand affinity with a narrative, aesthetic, and intention that are long term and lasting. Campaigns are where you see characters develop over time, meaning they extend beyond commercials and into popular culture. For example, a singular product ad might require a script where an influencer details or displays the benefits of your product to your audience. For a campaign, the influencer would create a story about the role your business or product plays in their life as part of an ongoing narrative. 

Craft a memorable message.

When creating the script for your ad, one of the first things you want to do is make it strong enough so that it stands out from your competition. One way to ensure that your ad grabs attention is to highlight a unique benefit of your product that your competition doesn’t offer! Make sure to capture attention at the very beginning of your ad, as audiences today have shorter attention spans than ever before. This can be accomplished with an exciting display of products within the first five seconds, or language that immediately engages the audience in what your brand has to offer. For Example: A company that markets headphones to millennials and Gen Z could show a video of someone dancing with their headphones on, with the audio “Turn the sound up!” in the very beginning of their video to capture attention.

Create custom videos.

Audiences are more likely to keep watching something that is original and captures their interest. For online or TV ads, you may be able to generate videos from scratch using your in-house team of content creators. It’s also common to hire outside resources to help produce content. However, both of these options consume valuable time, energy, and money that many businesses don’t have. That’s why KineMaster now offers thousands of video templates that you can easily customize with your brand’s colors, fonts, logos, media and more! Check out the Mix and Search screens in KineMaster to discover the template that suits your needs perfectly– we’ve got something for everyone!

By the way, all the images in this blog were created using KineMaster templates. That’s our final message and ultimate hack for content creators everywhere:

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