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Videos convey far more information about your brand than any other form of promotional media. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re conveying the right information about your brand to your audience after the camera has stopped recording. Consumers are more media savvy than ever before, so it’s essential to have a polished brand concept and something to say before you reach out to your target audience. To that end, we have five simple tips to help you get started creating branded, professional videos.

1. Find Your Audience

Who is your product or service for? Who do you want to be attracted to your brand? If you can identify a basic customer profile, you can tailor your content to their interest and needs. For example, Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers tend to watch videos on Facebook and YouTube. If that’s your company’s target, you may want to invest in creating branded content primarily for these platforms. Different generations prefer different kinds of content, so knowing the kind of video you’re making before you start can be incredibly helpful. Connecting the ethos of your company with your target audience in a video is the best way to connect with them, which we’ll discuss in our 4th tip!

2. Use Your Logo and Colors

This one may sound obvious, but it’s important to include your company’s color scheme, font and logo in any videos you create. Whether it’s a watermark or it appears in the intro or outtro of the video, your logo is your company’s calling card. The colors and font you choose can have important psychological connotations, and should accurately convey your brand’s message. Any graphics, transitions, or other details in your video should also reflect the overall feeling of your company. If you need help deciding, KineMaster’s Asset Store and Search gallery are full of assets and templates that can help you brainstorm what you would like your video to look like.

3. Include a CTA (Call to Action)

What is the purpose of your video? Try to distill your message into one sentence and build the script or outline of your video around that. Ideally, every video should have a measurable desired result. If you’re posting on social media, you can measure a video’s success with different metrics like engagement, comments, click through rate, and reach. For company introductions, your CTA could include information on where to find the company online at the beginning or end of the video. You could include a link to the company in the description and measure click throughs after posting. Whatever your CTA is, it should include some sort of value proposition for your audience that will encourage them to perform the action you’re requesting. KineMaster’s Clip Graphics have tons of exciting template graphics you can use for an effective CTA.

4. Showcase Your Brand’s Ethos

The ethos of your business is made up of its values, goals, community, beliefs, and distinguishing characteristics. It’s incredibly important because your ethos is how customers identify with your brand. When you’re outlining a new video, consider how each aspect of its production can communicate your ethos. Music, color scheme, graphics, font, and the media in your video can powerfully affect the kind of message you’re communicating. In the Get a Mac Pizza Box video ad by Apple from which ran from 2006-2009, the company conveyed a wide range of company ethos in a short amount of time. While the obvious point of the ad was to educate potential customers on the benefits of Macbooks over PC’s, the subtext of the ad is that Apple is a cool, culturally relevant company that is honest, simple and upfront with its customers. Make sure to check out the thousands of Assets in KineMaster’s Asset Store to convey your brand’s meaning, with tons that can be customized to your own colors and text!

5. Have a Branded Intro and Outtro

Make sure that from beginning to end, your video is conveying your company’s message and branding. Branded intros and outros can be combined or used separately to give your videos a professional touch and lock in brand recognition with your audience. If you need help, KineMaster’s Search gallery has tons of intro and outro templates you can download and customize. See how you can get started creating your own branded video in this tutorial below!

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