5 Essential Marketing Videos

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Whether your company is B2B or B2C, a strong video campaign is essential in today’s marketing landscape. Videos capture attention and engagement like no other medium, especially on social media. They help elevate brand awareness, educate your customers, generate more leads and connect you with new audiences. Companies who wish to compete in their industries get an upper hand when they invest time and effort into creating strong video content campaigns. Below is an overview of five marketing videos every company should think about creating–and all of which you can which you can create with KineMaster on iOS and Android!

Company overview

Clear and quick communication is the way with this video. What problem does your brand solve? How is it done? Lastly, what makes your company better than your competitors? Customers want reasons to pick your brand to solve their problem. Most importantly, include company branding and close with a call to action at the end of your intro. Videos like this can help greatly with SEO and time spent on your website when you place them on your home page. Check out KineMaster’s company intro template below as a great example of how to create your own. You can even download this video template and customize it in the app!

Product Showcase

Showing your brand’s utility and purpose with more detail are what these videos are all about. If you’ve seen an iPhone commercial, you’ve seen a product showcase video. Creating a message that is entertaining and conveys the feeling or mood of your brand is important. Creating a desire for the product depends on how well your product is shown as solving a problem or filling a customer’s need.


It’s time to build a new level of credibility and trust with your audience by letting them hear stories from real, satisfied customers. Whether it’s an in-person review or animated text from their reviews, comments, and emails, the results are in that testimonials work. Videos like these allow your audience to have a positive vicarious experience with your product. Authenticity and real, documented results can go a long way towards winning over a potential customer.

Tips and Tricks

There is a wider umbrella in this genre of marketing video that touches different topics depending on your company. Position yourself as a market expert and create videos with helpful information on topics that your brand is relevant to. Create helpful videos showing customers how to maximize their product experience or use a certain feature, or how to maintain it. Show how your product can be used in unexpected and exciting ways. Whichever suits you best, make sure that your video is delivering valuable information to your audience. Place yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, would I want to learn more about this?

Influencer Marketing

Paying an influencer to promote your product is now considered an essential part of almost any company’s marketing strategy. Finding the right platform and influencers can be half the battle, as it’s important they’re speaking to an audience that is relevant to your business. Create partnerships with content creators who take your company’s vision and translate it into media that resonates with their followers. Influencers can do wonders for brand awareness, credibility, and cultural relevance.

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor for iOS and Android. Make sure to download the latest version, KineMaster 6.0, on your app store today!

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