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When you open KineMaster, the home screen is the first thing you will see. The home screen is your point of entry into everything KineMaster has to offer. It can seem a little overwhelming, but we hope that before very long, you’ll feel right at home.

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Create a New KineMaster Project

When you’re ready to start a new KineMaster project, tap Create New. This will take you to the project setup screen, where you can name your project, select an aspect ratio, adjust editing settings, or import a project you exported previously or downloaded. Tap Next when you’re ready and start editing!

Discover a World of KineMaster Projects!

Are you looking for some inspiration? Want to see what other creators, just like you are doing with KineMaster? Are you wondering how to do something? Get Projects is for you!

When you tap Get Projects, you enter into a worldwide service dedicated to bringing you the most interesting, entertaining, and useful KineMaster projects. New projects are added every week, so be sure to stop by often!

Return to Projects You’ve Already Started

When you create a KineMaster Project, you get direct access to it in the My Projects section of the KineMaster home screen. Slide the thumbnails to the left to see more projects, if they don’t all fit on the screen.

At some point, scrolling may get tedious. Tap the See All button to open a full screen project view.

TIP: Tap and hold on any project thumbnail to reveal additional project options.

On the Home Screen and on the My Projects screen, you can tap and hold any project thumbnail to reveal four additional project options:
• Export Project (.kine file)
• Duplicate Project
• Delete

The KineMaster Asset Store

Looking for some effects? Want to find that perfect transition? Need some music to get the right vibe to your video project? Look no further. Get quick access to the KineMaster Asset Store here!

Not sure how to get started with the KineMaster Asset Store? Click here to learn all about how you can transform ordinary projects into jaw-dropping videos!

Follow KineMaster on Social Media

If you want to see what other KineMaster users are doing, look no further. KineMaster has lots of social media channels, in many languages! We’re always adding new videos, tutorials, polls, and contests. Come join us — we’d love to see you there! (You can also DM us directly via our social channels for personalized help!)

Download the entire KineMaster Creator’s Suite of Apps!

Did you know that KineMaster is just one of four incredible content creation apps? Check out BeatSync, SpeedRamp, and VideoStabilizer to level up your videos!

Solve Common Issues and Contact KineMaster Directly

KineMaster’s team of developers works hard to make sure that KineMaster is as stable and crash free as possible. Unfortunately, bugs slip through. If you run into a problem, this is the absolute best place to troubleshoot and get help straight from KineMaster!

You can read about common issues in the FAQ section, but if you don’t see your particular problem on the list, reach out to KineMaster’s technical and customer support directly at the bottom of the screen by tapping Email Support. You can learn more about contacting KineMaster’s support team here!

Get the Latest News, Straight from the Source

KineMaster frequently adds new tools and features (only possible due to the amazing support from our Premium subscribers). You can get the latest details about what’s been added, where to find it, and how to use it right here! In case you missed one, you can go back and read older posts to get up to speed.

Adjust Global KineMaster Settings

Global settings can transform your experience with KineMaster in powerful ways. There are so many that Global Settings has its own page. You can learn more about everything the Settings button does for iOS here and for Android here.

Subscribe to KineMaster Premium

Nothing in KineMaster would be possible without our users. Your passion, enthusiasm, and ongoing generosity of the KineMaster team means that we’re able to add assets and projects to Get Projects on a weekly basis! It means that new tools, features, and options are regularly added to updates several times per year.

Your support means everything to KineMaster, and if you’re able to help us to improve the app, we would deeply appreciate it. You can learn more about subscribing to KineMaster Premium here!

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