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KineMaster’s development team works hard to create and maintain the KineMaster app. Our goal is to allow you to edit your videos easily and hassle-free 100% of the time. 

Unfortunately, software is never perfect, and that holds true for KineMaster, as well. If you’ve found a bug, we want to hear about it!

Reporting bugs is critical to getting them fixed in an update. If we don’t hear about them from you, we won’t know they’re there. 

Here’s how to report a bug:

Tap on the question mark button on the KineMaster main screen (FAQ). This will open your phone or tablet’s email app.

Please provide as much detail as you can about the bug. We will need to replicate what you were doing to discover the cause and fix it. 

  • Tell us what you did to cause the bug to happen. If you can provide a screenshot (or even better a screen recording!) that will help the development team see what has gone wrong. 
  • Tell us if it happens with every project, or just one. Try to duplicate the bug yourself. Is the problem is with the type of media you’re using, or is it with KineMaster’s tools? If the problem is with your media, don’t worry! Please report the bug and send us your media (if you don’t mind)– we’ll do our level-best to fix it for you!
  • Tell us any other information you might think is relevant. 

What’s the difference between an error and a bug?

A bug won’t have an error message. Something will go wrong and you won’t receive an alert.

If you do something and you see an error message, that isn’t a bug. KineMaster provides error messages when you’re trying to do something that your device or KineMaster is unable to support. 

Common error messages include:

  • Importing media that has been recorded at a resolution higher than your phone or tablet can edit.
  •  Importing too many video layers.
  • Importing media files in formats KineMaster doesn’t support. 

An exception to this is when something goes wrong during export. Exporting a project from KineMaster is processor intensive. Interrupting it to display an error message isn’t something that KineMaster can do.

If you experience problems with exporting, follow these steps to contact KineMaster’s tech support team.

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