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You can change the color of all sorts of things in KineMasters! For text, this includes layers, outlines, shadows, glow, and background. You also can change the color in some clip graphic and transition elements. Handwriting, Primary Timeline backgrounds, and a few effect layers can also change color. You can even select colors in our Chroma Key tool! 

To open the color selection panel, tap on the color button found in any tool with that option available. 

When the color selection panel opens, the default screen is the color palette grid. This shows recently used colors at the top and KineMaster’s standard palette underneath. 

There are two other color selection methods. These are shown on the left side of the color selection panel, below the color palette grid. The circle in the middle is a standard HSB (hue-saturation-brightness) coordinate plane. There are two adjustable points. One rotates around the hue wheel. The other is inside the saturation and brightness triangle. Move both of these to precisely select the color that you want. 

On the bottom left side of the color selection panel is the RGB selector. This allows you to precisely match an RGB value. Move your finger across the red value slider, the green value slider, and the blue value slider. When you do this, the number to the left of each slider will change. The corresponding RGB value and hexadecimal value on the bottom right of the screen will change as well. 

On the right side of the color selection panel, a preview of the color is in the top right corner. On the bottom right are the RGB and hexadecimal values for the current color selection. Below those values, two rectangles represent the current color selection (top) and initial color selection (bottom). 

Tap the check mark in the top right corner to close the color selection panel once you have chosen a new color. 

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