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Need to re-shoot or get some more footage for your KineMaster video? Have you realized too late that that perfect shot you thought you had is on another device? Need to create a quick talking head shot? You can do all these things with KineMaster’s built-in camera and video recorder.

When you’re working in a KineMaster video, if you need to add more footage, tap the red Camera & Camcorder tool at the center of the Media Wheel.

On iOS devices, the Camera & Camcorder tool immediately opens. However, you will need to tap the Camera button on the right side of the capture screen to switch to Camera Mode.

On Android devices, you can select which you would like to use. Selecting the Camera will bring up options for camera use– the stock camera app or a third-party app. Tapping the Camcorder button will take you to KineMaster’s built-in video recorder.

The Camera & Camcorder tool for iOS has settings on the left side of the screen that allow you to switch to one front or rear-facing camera. You can also toggle the built-in LED flash, choose your recording codec (H.264 or H.265), and select the video resolution.

On Android, The front or rear-facing camera toggle is on the right side of the screen, above the record button. Toggle the flash with the button below the record button. Tap the settings button in the top-left corner of the Camcorder screen to change the video resolution. 

Tap the red Record button once to start a video recording or take an image. Tap it again to stop recording a video. 

KineMaster gives you the option to insert the video footage or image you’ve just taken into your video. You can add it as a Clip (inserts video into the Primary Timeline) or as a layer (creates a new media layer).

If you need to add or redo audio, you can use the REC button at the bottom of the Media Wheel.

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