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Want to make your video look like a hazy memory? Or make it look like it was recorded a long time ago? The vignette tool lets you do exactly that. 

The vignette tool is used to create a soft, dark edge around your video. You can apply it to media in the Primary Timeline. These are videos or images you imported using the Media button at the top of the Media Wheel. To activate it, tap the toggle switch.

If you want more control over the vignette, you can download the Vignette effect from the KineMaster Asset Store! Tap on the Asset Store button, then tap the Effects button on the left side of the Asset Store screen. Scroll down to Vignette to download it.

You can apply effects by tapping Layer> Effect, then select Vignette from the list. Select Vignette from the effect options. 

To edit the options of the Vignette effect layer, tap the layer to select it. Then tap the Settings button in the Options Panel that opens on the right side of the screen. 

Unlike the regular vignette effect, you can control the size and rotation of effect layers. You can also adjust the strength (opacity) and softness (spread) of the vignette effect. Finally, you can change the vignette color using the color selection box. 

One other difference: you can manage what other layers are included behind or in front of the vignette effect layer. The regular vignette option for media in the Primary Timeline only applies to those layers. The vignette effect layer can cover some or all of the other elements you have in your Timeline. Use the three dots button in the top left corner of the project screen to manage which layers appear under or on top of the vignette effect layer.

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