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Need time to pass by in a flash? Want to slow down an action shot? KineMaster’s Speed Control tool does it all. You can adjust your video clip’s speed and audio to achieve some spectacular effects. 

The Speed Control tool allows you to change the duration of a video clip on the Timeline. It can speed videos up or slow them down. By default, all video clips import into the timeline at 1.0x, or regular, speed. 

To access the Speed Control tool, tap on any video clip in the Primary Timeline. These are video clips you imported with the Media button at the top of the Media Wheel. The Speed Control tool will be accessible in the Options Panel that opens on the right side of the screen. 

There are three speed option shortcuts at the top of the Speed Control panel. 1x does not change the speed of your video clip. 4x, or 400%, makes your video four times faster. 8x, or 800%, makes your video eight times faster. 

To access other speeds, use the dial below the shortcuts. Values greater than 1 will increase the speed of your video clip. Values lower than 1 will slow down the speed of your video clip. Shorter clips cannot be sped or slowed down as much. To create a dramatic speed or slow-mo effect, use a longer video clip. 

Mute Audio toggles the audio of your video clip. Tap Enable to turn off the sound. 

Keep Pitch toggles the pitch of your audio track. This can sound quite strange when Speed Control is applied. 

Troubleshooting Speed Control:

1. I can’t find the Speed Control tool.

Speed Control is only available for video clips in the Primary Timeline. If you select a video layer, the Speed Control tool will not appear in the Options Panel. 

2. I want to speed up or slow down a video layer.

If you need to increase the speed of a video layer, tap the Exit Project button. It’s in the top left corner of the KineMaster video project screen, and it looks like an arrow pointing left. 

Tap the Create New Project button. Tap the Media button to import the video clip you are using as a video layer in your other project. Use the Speed Control tool to increase or decrease the speed of the video clip. Tap the checkmark to close the Speed Control panel. Tap the Export button in the top right corner of the project screen. Then choose the appropriate settings and tap Export.

Return to your main project and import the video you just exported as a layer. Tap the Layer> Media and select the new video clip. 

3. When I play back my video in the project screen, video clips with Speed Control applied look jerky.

Mobile phones and tablets don’t have the processing power to preview very high and low speeds. Videos accelerated to 2x will play back fine, but higher speeds will start to stutter. 

Don’t worry if this happens in your project. When you export, the resulting video will play smoothly.

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