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Want to zoom in on a particular detail in your video or reveal an image slowly? Need to enhance the camera movement? The Pan & Zoom tool is a flexible, automatic key framing tool. It lets you change the behavior of how an image or video displays. 

The Pan & Zoom tool can only be applied to media in the Primary Timeline. These are images or videos imported into KineMaster using the Media button at the top of the Media Wheel. To use the Pan & Zoom tool, tap the video clip or image in the Primary Timeline to select it. Then tap the Pan & Zoom button in the Options Panel that opens on the right side of the screen. 

When active, the Pan & Zoom tool displays two pictures of your media on the right. The top image is the Start Position (first frame) of your image or video. The bottom image is the End Position (last frame) of your image or video. 

Tap the Start Position image or End Position image to activate it. To change the position, zoom in, or zoom out, use the Preview Screen. You can pinch or spread your fingers to zoom in and out. You can also drag one finger to change the position of the media in the Preview Screen.

Double-tap with one finger on the Preview Screen to toggle back and forth between fit and fill screen. This is particularly helpful when your image or video was shot in a different aspect ratio than the ratio your KineMaster project is set to.

Tapping the Equals button between the Start Position image and End Position image will make the End Position exactly the same as the Start Position. This prevents any motion from occurring. 

You can adjust the default behavior of the Pan & Zoom tool in the Project Settings or in the Global Settings. 

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