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Learn how to use hotkeys in KineMaster

Do you prefer using a keyboard with your iPad? Got a mouse connected to your Samsung DeX? Running KineMaster on a Chromebook? KineMaster runs great with a variety of peripherals, and has a lots of keyboard shortcuts that you can take advantage of to speed up your editing.

Main Project Screen

Navigate Projects up/down/right/left arrow and tab
Select Project enter
New Project ctrl+n
Settings Menu ctrl+s
Help Menu ctrl+h
Asset Store ctrl+a

Project Preview

Play/Pause space
Seek forward right arrow
Seek backward left arrow


Navigate up/down arrow
Enter sub-setting enter
Toggle on/off enter

Project Screen

Start/Stop Preview space
Undo ctrl+z
Redo ctrl+y
Zoom in on Timeline x
Zoom out of Timeline c
Split at Playhead d
Trim to left of Playhead s
Trim to right of Playhead f
Delete Clip backspace
Move Playhead 0.1 sec. Forward shift+right arrow
Move Playhead 0.1 sec. Backward shift+left arrow
Move Playhead 5 sec. Forward ctrl+right arrow
Move Playhead 5 sec. Backward ctrl+left arrow

KineMaster Asset Store

Navigate Assets up/down/right/left arrow
Enter Category tab
Exit Category shift+tab
Jump to My Assets ctrl+m
Enter Asset Description enter
Play/Pause Asset Preview space
Preview Seek Forward right arrow
Preview Seek Backward left arrow

Export & Share Screen

Export ctrl+e

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