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Longer, more complex KineMaster videos can get difficult to navigate. Swiping back and forth across the Timeline isn’t an effective way to locate the media you need when you need it. This Bookmark tool solves this problem. It places a mark on your Timeline you can tap to jump to places you’ve designated as important.

To create a bookmark, tap the numbers displayed on the top of the Playhead. The Playhead will change color from red to purple to show a bookmark has been created. 

You can navigate between bookmarks by tapping and holding on the numbers in the playhead. A pop-up bookmark panel will open, allowing you to jump from one part of your project to another. 

To remove a bookmark, position the Playhead on a bookmark. Use the pop-up panel to go to that location, and tap the number part of the Playhead. The playhead will change color from purple to red to show the bookmark has been removed.

On the iPad, you can also manage bookmarks by tapping the Add Bookmark or Delete Bookmark buttons on the right side of the Timeline.

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