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Welcome to KineMaster’s social media engagement policy. The purpose of this policy is to answer any questions you may have about how we ensure that the safety of all KineMaster community members and administrators is maintained. If you would like to engage with KineMaster, you agree to follow these guidelines: 

  1. Respect

Please respect your fellow community members and admins at all times. KineMaster welcomes all respectful community members.

  1. Family Friendly

KineMaster’s channels are intended for viewing by people of all ages. Please keep language and messaging appropriate. 

  1. On Topic

Comments and messages should be useful, have a valid question or critique, and pertain to the post or to your experience with KineMaster.

We reserve the right to remove, block and not engage with any comments or messages with:

  1. Hate speech

This includes any and all bigoted language.

  1. Bullying and/or harassment

Singling out or targeting users and admins with messages that are meant to denigrate, intimidate, or disturb. 

  1. Spam

Posting your name for SEO, posting canned messages, links to your content, etc. 

  1. Any other content that does not serve the three community guidelines above. 

Any comments that have language or content that could be deemed offensive, inappropriate, or are otherwise unsuitable.

  1. Foul language

Cursing, swear words, or derogatory abbreviations in any language.

  1. Flamers

Using incendiary language to try and start arguments. 

  1. Trolling

Purposefully starting arguments for amusement and personal gain. 

  1. Bots

Canned comments

  1. Copyright infringement

Any links or comments related to the infringement of KineMaster’s copyright. 

  1. Off-topic rants

KineMaster’s comment section is for KineMaster related comments.

  1. Affiliate Links

Posting links to your business, affiliate program, get rich quick scheme, etc. 

We reserve the right to ban and/or block any offenders who do not comply with the KineMaster community guidelines. If you’re not sure that the content of your comment follows the guidelines above, or if you believe that your comment was mistakenly removed, you can always request clarification. KineMaster loves talking to our users, and we work hard to make sure that our community is a safe place for people from all over the world to talk about KineMaster! Thank you!

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