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KineMaster has some default behaviors when you start a new project. Depending on what kind of video you’re making, you may want to change those settings to save time editing. 

To change your project settings, make sure that nothing is selected in your Timeline. Tap the Settings button on the left side of the screen (it looks like a gear or wheel). 

There are three different categories of settings: 

Audio, Video, and Editing.

Adjusting Audio Settings

Auto Master Volume – This controls the volume level when two or more audio tracks play back at the same time to prevent clipping. Turn this on if your audio is getting clipped to reduce the final volume to -6dB. 

Project Master Volume – Sets the volume video or audio tracks are set to when the mixer displays 100%. 

Audio Fade-in (Start of Project) – 

When active, the audio tracks playing at the beginning of your video project will gradually increase from 0 to 100%.

Audio Fade-out (End of Project) – When active, the audio tracks playing at the end of your video project will gradually decrease from 100 to 0%.

Adjusting Video Settings

Video Fade-in (Start of Project) – The beginning of the project starts on a black frame and fades in.

Video Fade-out (End of Project) – The end of the video fades to a black frame.

Adjusting Editing Settings

Default Duration of a Photo Clip – When you import an image, this sets the duration the image lasts on the Timeline. Changing this can be helpful if you’re trying to create stop motion videos.

Default Duration of a Layer – This changes the duration of effects, overlays, text, and handwriting layers.

Default Pan & Zoom Mode for a Photo Clip – There are four different options to adjust the behavior of a photo imported into a KineMaster project.

Fit in Screen (default) places your image, preserving the aspect ratio that it was shot at, into the video frame. 

Fill Screen will crop your image to fill the entire video frame.

Ken Burns will animate your image with a pan and zoom effect.

Ken Burns (Face Recognition) will animate your image with a pan and zoom effect that moves towards a face in your image.

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