Blending Modes

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Blending Modes let you create incredible visual effects. It’s a useful tool when you’re combining several videos, images, or stickers into the same video. You can knock out, superimpose, and create surprisingly beautiful effects using Blending Modes.

If a particular Blending Mode is too strong, you can adjust the Alpha (opacity) with the slider at the top of the Blending Modes panel to get it to match the effect you need.

The Overlay blending mode is available to free and KineMaster Premium subscribers. Other Blending Modes can only be used by subscribers.

Normal – Reverts to standard blending with no modification of the layer.

Overlay – Darkens pixels that are darker than 50% grey and lightens pixels that are lighter than that. In practice, this increases the overall contrast of your video. 

Multiply – Darkens pixels that are lighter than the pixel value in the video or image layer. 

Screen – Opposite of Multiply, lightening dark pixels.

Soft light – Similar to overlay, but the results will appear more diffuse.

Hard light – Darkens or lightens the pixels in a layer depending on how they multiply or screen. In practice, this is a much harsher effect than soft light. 

Lighten – Increases the brightness of pixels on the primary timeline that are darker than those in the video or image layer. 

Darken – Does the exact opposite of Lighten.

Color Burn – Darkens the pixels depending on the color in the video or image layer. An entirely white layer will produce no change.

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