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The Volume Envelope allows you to change the volume of an audio clip as it plays. This useful feature lowers the volume when another audio track needs to be heard. It also creates fade ins and outs, or drops the volume from unwanted portions of the audio without using the Trim & Split tool. If you’re already familiar with KineMaster’s Keyframe Animation tool, the Volume Envelope will be easy to figure out.

Volume Envelope allows total control over the volume at any part of a selected video or audio clip on the Timeline. It has millisecond precision. On the left is the Volume Slider, which can adjust the original volume of an audio or video clip between 0% and 200% of the clip’s original volume. To the right are buttons to manage keyframes. 

Upon opening the Volume Envelope tool for an audio or video clip for the first time, two keyframes are set. One is at the beginning of the clip and one is at the end of the clip, with both set at 100% volume. Use the arrows to skip between keyframes. Tap and drag the Volume Slider to adjust the clip’s volume at the current playhead position. It will not affect keyframes at any other position. Instead, the audio will transition to the new volume you’ve selected.  If no audio keyframe exists at the current playhead location, a new one will be created. If one already exists, it will adjust to correspond to the value of the Volume Slider.

The following buttons are available to manage keyframes:

Add Keyframe – Add an audio keyframe at the current playhead position. This option is disabled if a keyframe is already present.

Delete Keyframe – Delete an audio keyframe from the current playhead position. This option is grayed out if there is no keyframe present.

Go to Next Keyframe – Move the current playhead position to that of the next keyframe on the Timeline.

Go to Previous Keyframe – Move the current playhead position to the previous keyframe on the Timeline.

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