The KineMaster Asset Store

by kmmtinc

The KineMaster Asset Store

The KineMaster Asset Store offers a huge variety of different assets to make your videos unique and amazing. Many of them have multiple presets and settings, so using the same asset twice can give you different results. Assets turn the KineMaster video editing experience into a creative dream!

New assets appear in the KineMaster Asset Store every week. If there’s a particular type of asset you’d like to see added to the KineMaster Asset Store, you can get in touch with us here. 

You can access the store from any Internet-connected mobile device. The Asset Store button is also located in several different places to make it convenient to access. 

Assets on the KineMaster Asset Store separate into two types: free assets which can be used by every KineMaster user and Premium assets. These are only available to users subscribed to KineMaster Premium. Click here to learn about this and other subscription benefits.

The top right corner allows you to manage the Assets you’ve downloaded to your device. 

The left side of the KineMaster Asset Store has buttons that represent the different types of assets available. The ribbon at the top highlights new and popular assets. Below that are the main asset categories:

Effects – Effects are persistent layers that affect everything underneath. They can be animated using In, Out, Overall Animations, and Keyframes. In some cases they have their own animation options. You can access these by tapping the effect layer on the Timeline and then tapping the Settings button in the Options Panel.

Transitions – Transitions allow you to create interesting visual effects between clips and images imported to the Primary Timeline. Only one transition can be applied between each media clip. Transition duration is controlled using the time dial, which appears under the Preview. The length of a transition applied depends on the length of the clips it’s applied to. Longer clips will have longer transition durations available.

Overlays – There are two types of overlay graphics (stickers): static and animated. Static overlays don’t move, but you can animate them using In, Out, and Overall Animations and Keyframes.

Fonts – KineMaster has a lot of font options available for download. You can sort by language and font style. While not every font or language is available, more are continually added. If there’s an OFL font that you’d like to see available, send us an email with a link to the font! 

Audio – KineMaster has an extensive library of music with and without vocals and sound effects. KineMaster’s music and sound effects are copyright free. You can use them in your videos without worrying about violating copyright rules on any social channel. 

Clip Graphics – Want to add some animated graphics to your video but don’t have the time to keyframe everything? Clip graphics are for you. Create amazing text and title effects in seconds, add themed animated frames, or touch up your video with some old film grain. The clip graphics category has a surprising amount of cool content to explore!

The KineMaster Asset Store has more than 1,700 different things to download and try. If there’s something you’d like to see added, please feel free to get in touch us here. If you have a link to an example, that will help fast-track your suggestion into reality. 



Laura Tilvic May 17, 2020 - 8:04 am

I would like this app to create some videos and I was wondering if I post those videos on YouTube there is any copyrights that I shy worry about?
If I use music and any other assets from this app and post a video on YouTube there will be any copyrights invold?
Can you be kind enough to explain me all I have to know regarding copyrights?
Thank you for your time!
Waiting for your response!
Have a good day!

kmmtinc May 17, 2020 - 10:35 am

Great question! The assets on the KineMaster Asset Store are copyright free, even the music. You can use these KineMaster’s assets any way you want, for any kind of video you want to make (including monetized ones).

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