Powerful Video Effects

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KineMaster Assets can transform your videos. They add a serious wow factor to anything you make! To access them, you’ll need to know where they are and where they go.

EffectsTransitionsStickersFontsMusic & SFXClip Graphics

Effects are added to your project from the Layers pop-out menu. Tap the Layer button on the left side of the Media Wheel, then tap Effect. The Effects panel will open, and all the Effects you have downloaded will be available. Tap on an effect, then tap on an effect preset to add it to your timeline. 

Depending on the effect, there may be additional settings you can apply. With the effect layer selected, tap the Settings button in the Options panel. This lets you see how you can modify the effect to best suit your project.

Adjust the length of the effect by dragging the yellow handles on the left and right sides of the effect layer. Effect layers support In, Out, and Overall Animation options. They also support Alpha (opacity), Shape (masking), and you can rotate or mirror them. 

If you decide that you don’t want to use that effect, tap the effect layer to select it. Then tap the trash can button on the left side of the screen to delete it.

Tap the plus sign button between media on the Primary Timeline to access Transitions. The Transitions panel will open when you tap the plus button. First, select the type of transition you want to use. Then, select the transition preset on the right. Each preset you tap will play on the Preview screen, so that you can see how they look in your project. 

Transitions apply equally to the first media clip and the connecting media clip. You can see the duration of the transition in the semi-transparent overlay that extends out from the Plus button. If you need the transition to be longer or shorter, use the Time Dial under the Preview screen to adjust the length of time a transition takes. 

If your video or image clips are too short, you may not be able to apply a transition. You can solve this problem by making your video or image clips longer. To make a clip longer, tap it to select it, then drag the yellow handles on the left or right side to increase the amount of time your media plays. 

To figure out how long an image or video needs to be, divide the transition duration by half. So, for a 1 second transition, both the first and the second clip need to be at least a half second long. 

Stickers are added to your project by tapping the Layer button, then tap Overlay. Tap one of the sticker sets. The different stickers available will open up. When you tap on one of the stickers, it will be added to the Timeline. 

You can further customize stickers by tapping on the layer and then using the tools in the Options panel that opens up on the right.

KineMaster does not come with any fonts pre-installed. The fonts available to you immediately after you download KineMaster are fonts supported by your device. Different device fonts are available to iPad and iPhone users from Android users. 

Downloading new fonts from the KineMaster Asset Store will make them available when you tap the Layer button, then tap Text. 

First, type the text that you want to appear on your Text layer. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, you can edit it later. Tap the Checkmark button to create a new text layer on the Timeline.

In the Options panel, tap the Font button in the top left corner to change the font. Downloaded fonts from the KineMaster Asset Store will appear in the categories below System (iOS) or Android (Android). Tap on the font and it will automatically apply to your Text layer. 

You can customize Text layers by tapping on the layer and then using the tools in the Options panel that opens up on the right.

You can access music and sound effects by tapping the Audio button on the right side of the Media Wheel. Tap one of the top two category buttons, Music Assets or SFX Assets, to access the audio files you have downloaded. 

When you tap on a song or sound effect, it will auto-play. Tap the Plus button to add it to your Timeline

Clip Graphics can only be applied to images or videos imported into the Primary Timeline. These are imported using the Media button at the top of the Media Wheel. To apply a Clip Graphic, tap an image or video in the top row of the Timeline. Then tap the Clip Graphics button in the Options Panel that opens on the right side of the screen. 

Tap on the Clip Graphic that you want to use and choose a Clip Graphic preset. If there are text customization options for the Clip Graphic, you can add them on the right side of the screen. After typing your text, you can change the font by tapping the font button. Accept the text by tapping the Checkmark button. 

The Clip Graphic will be applied inside the selected image or media. By default, the Clip Graphic will be applied to the entire image or clip. Use the yellow handles on the right and left side of the clip to change the duration of the Clip Graphic.

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