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This is the main volume control center. Regardless of what else is happening with your audio layer or video clip, you’ll want to start here. 

On the left is the volume slider. By default it’s set to 100%, but can be raised to 200% or lowered to 0% depending on how you want your audio to sound. The speaker button at the top of the volume slider toggles the mute function. Tap it once to mute the track or video clip. Tap it again to unmute. 

On the right side of the Mixer, you can enable Auto Volume. The Auto Volume reduces the dynamic range of the audio, making quiet noises louder and loud noises quieter. This normalizes the track. It’s useful for recordings where the subject was not a constant distance from the microphone. It compensates for differences in volume level. If used on several clips, they will more or less match in volume afterwards. It can be toggled On and Off. Default setting is Off.

Below Auto Volume is the Stereo Pan tool. Stereo Pan adjusts the stereo mix of the track. In mobile devices, it is shown with two separate sliders. The top slider controls where the left channel is output, and the bottom controls where the right channel is output. By default, the top slider is placed 100% left, (so the source media left channel is output to the left channel) and the bottom slider is placed all the way to the right. On tablets, it is shown with one slider. Its default setting is at zero, but you can drag left or right to adjust the channel output in either direction. 

Some cool effects can be achieved on mobile devices by manipulating these sliders:

Swap left and right channels by setting the top slider all the way right, and the bottom slider all the way left.

Convert stereo audio to mono by setting both sliders to the center.

Adjust the left and right balance by slightly adjusting both sliders.

While key framing left and right channel adjustments isn’t possible, you can simulate this effect with the Audio Trim and Split tool. Break your audio track into multiple pieces. Then, change the left and right stereo adjustments across track segments to achieve the same result.

Pitch allows the raising and lowering of the overall pitch of the selected item’s audio. 

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