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KineMaster comes with a few assets built in. Chances are good you’re going to want to add more to your device, and you can. There are more than 2,500 assets to choose from! All you’ll need is an Internet connection and some free storage space on your phone, tablet or Chromebook.

The KineMaster Asset Store lets you browse assets by category. Tapping on a category icon on the left side of the screen will bring up additional categories or Asset thumbnails.

When you see or hear an asset that looks like a good fit for your KineMaster video, tap it to load the asset download screen. You can preview how the asset appears by tapping the play button on the preview screen at the top left. The asset’s information is on the right, along with a Download button. 

If you are not subscribed to KineMaster Premium, tapping the Download button on a Premium asset will take you to the subscription screen. To return to the asset store, tap the X in the top right corner. Free KineMaster users are only able to download free assets from the Asset Store. You can tell if an asset is free or Premium in the Asset thumbnail and on the download screen. The word Premium appears in the Asset description on the right side of the screen.

Every font on the KineMaster Asset Store is available to both Free and Premium users.  They’re licensed under OFL. If there’s a particular font that you’d like to see added to the KineMaster Asset Store, let us know! If that font is available under OFL, we’ll put it in the queue to be added. 

When the asset you have downloaded installs, it will be available for your KineMaster videos. Depending on the type of asset, it will be available when you activate a particular layer or button.

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