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KineMaster’s Keyframe Animation tool lets you animate your layers. You can adjust the direction, speed, and orientation of the layer as it moves from point to point. 

For those who are new to Keyframe animation, keyframes are points along a path that an object follows. A simple keyframe animation might only have two keyframes: a starting position and an ending position. More complex animations can have hundreds of keyframes. KineMaster does not limit the number of keyframes a layer can have. 

To animate a layer, select it by tapping on it. A selected layer has a yellow box around it with handles on the left and right side for trimming. Then, tap the Keyframe button on the left side of the video editing screen. The yellow selection box will change to a red box without handles.

To create a simple, 2 keyframe animation, move the Playhead to the end of the selected layer. Tap the Add Keyframe button. Now, move the layer to a different location in the Preview screen. Move the Playhead back to the beginning of the layer. You will see that the layer moves between the starting position and the ending position. 

To add more keyframes, move the Playhead to where you’d like to add a keyframe, then tap the Add Keyframe button. Move the layer to another position. As you move the Playhead across the layer, you can see how the layer moves from point A to point B to point C. 

Why does my layer rotate in strange ways?

The Keyframe Animation tool struggles with rotations greater than 60 degrees in a single layer. To get around this limitation, break the layer into multiple pieces using the Split/Trim tool’s Split at Playhead function. Rotate each of the different pieces of the original layer to get past the 60 degree limitation. 

All of my Keyframes are too close together. I can’t add more!

For complex animations where you have a lot of keyframes in a single layer, you can zoom in on the Timeline to spread the keyframes further apart. Put two fingers in the Timeline area and spread them apart. You can pinch your fingers back together to zoom out.

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