Adding Layers

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KineMaster lets you add lots of effects, graphics, text, and media to your video project. Each of these things appears in the Timeline as a layer. Each type of layer is a different color. Layers can stack on top of each other, allowing you to create some very cool visual effects. 

With media in the Primary Timeline, the other three buttons on the Media Wheel become active: Layer, Voice, and Audio. Each button allows you to add a different type of layer to your video project. 

Tap on the Layer button to see the different options available. 

Media lets you add images or video that will be displayed on top of your Primary, or background, media.

Effect lets you to add persistent visual effects that last for the duration of the layer.

Sticker lets you add pre-designed graphics and animations to your project.

Text lets you type over your video, letting you create titles, intros, and subtitles easily.

Handwriting lets you use drawing tools to draw on top of your Primary media.

The REC button, on the bottom of the Media Wheel, allows you to add live recording to your KineMaster video. When you tap the Start button, the Playhead will begin to move. This gives you a preview of when and where your voice recording will be inserted into your Timeline as a layer. 

The Audio button, on the right side of the Media Wheel, allows you to select songs saved to your device. Songs and sound effects that you download from the KineMaster Asset Store can be found in the Internal folder. 

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