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When you’re done editing, it’s time to save your work. KineMaster gives you different options to export your video, and we’re here to help explain them. After you do it a few times, it will be as easy as everything else. So let’s dive into the Export screen.

When you export a project from KineMaster, it automatically saves the new video you’ve made to your Photos (iOS) or Gallery (Android) app. Tap the Export button to begin the process!

The Export Screen gives you three powerful tools to control the size and quality of your video. You can choose the resolution, the frame rate, and the bitrate. 

The video resolution refers to the pixel dimensions of the video file. A good rule to follow is to export at the resolution of your smallest video file. Increasing the pixel size of videos can cause your video to look blurry or pixelated. Not sure about the resolution of your video clips? Click here.

The frame rate controls how many frames of your video are shown. Standard frame rates are 24 and 30. If you’re in Europe, 25 frames per second may also be useful. Just like the resolution, your video may look strange if you export with a higher frame rate than your video clips. 

The bitrate slider controls the overall quality of each frame of your video. The higher you set the bitrate slider, the higher overall quality of your video. Underneath the bitrate information, next to the Export button, you can see how large your exported file will be. As you increase the bitrate, the file size also increases. 

If you plan to share your video on social media, each platform has recommendations about bitrates that look best. 

Tap the Export button to save your video. When the exporting process is complete, you can share your video directly to social media or other apps on your device. Do this by tapping the share button to the right of the file name on the right side of the screen.

For more fine-tuned sharing control, you can also upload your video using that social media app.

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