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KineMaster has amazing tools for adding to, changing, and improving your video’s sound. It also has tools to adjust your audio EQ, change voices, and extract audio from one clip and move it around.

You can add songs saved to your device or downloaded from the KineMaster Asset Store to any video. Just tap the Audio button on the right side of the Media Wheel. Look for the folder where your song is located, then tap the song name to preview it. If that’s the song you want, tap the plus button to add it to your Timeline. 

TIP: KineMaster does not support audio protected by DRM. Learn more about that here!

Once you have an audio track in your video, you can edit it just like a video clip. The Trim and Split tool works great with audio, too! 

The heart of KineMaster’s audio tools is the Mixer. You can access it at any time by tapping your audio track to select it, then tap Mixer in the options panel that opens on the right side of the screen.

KineMaster’s Mixer tool lets you adjust the volume and pitch of the track and change the volume level on the left and right channels. Tap the checkmark to close the Mixer when you’re done.

To change how your audio track sounds, you can use the EQ tool. Access it by tapping your audio track, then tap EQ in the options panel. 12 different presets will adjust how the bass, midtones, and high end of your audio sounds. Experiment with the different options to find exactly the right setting for your video!

You can also narrate over parts of your video. Deselect everything in your Timeline by tapping an empty area, then tap the REC button. Move the Playhead to the moment you want your recording to begin, then tap Start. As you speak, KineMaster will show your recording overlaid on the Timeline. Tap Stop to end the recording. If you’re satisfied with the result, tap the checkmark to close the REC panel.

The KineMaster Asset Store has lots of songs and sound effects, if you need more options for creating the perfect audio mood. You can download and insert as many audio tracks as you need into your video!

Best of all, everything on the KineMaster Asset Store is copyright-free! Any song (or other asset) that you download and use in your video can be published or posted however you want, including as a monetized video on YouTube. 

Once your video sounds pitch perfect, it’s time to show off your masterpiece to the world.  

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