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New to KineMaster? Need a refresher? Let’s jump into the app and build a project from scratch. You can get familiar with how KineMaster works and some helpful, time-saving tips along the way. 

The KineMaster home screen

This is where you can see all your videos and create new videos. You can also subscribe to Premium, change your settings, or contact the KineMaster Support Teams if you run into problems. 

To start a new KineMaster video, tap the orange button that says Create New.

The project setup screen

There are multiple options to choose from: Horizontal, vertical, ultra wide, ultra tall, portrait and square. Choose the one that you’ve filmed most of your footage with. Don’t worry if some of your recorded video clips aren’t the right aspect ratio. We’ll cover that.

The editing screen

You’ve got a blank video! What next? 

On Android devices, the Media import panel automatically opens. On iOS devices, tap the Media button to open it. This gives you access to your Photos (iOS) or Gallery (Android) app. You can choose recorded video clips and pictures you have saved on your device.

The media browser

Pick two or more recorded video clips by tapping on them. You will see them appear in the Timeline below. 

Tap the checkmark button to return to your video project.

Now your video editing adventure can begin!

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