Cut Like a Pro

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Slice and dice your videos! Make your recorded video clips shorter, better, and more interesting with some simple cuts. KineMaster makes it easy to cut out parts of your clips that you don’t want. 

Tap on a video clip in your Timeline to select it. Selected video clips have a yellow box around them. When something is selected, the Media Wheel is replaced by the Options Panel. More about the Options Panel later.

Tap and drag in the empty space on the timeline to move the playhead through your video clips. 

On the left and right sides of your selected video clip, you can tap and drag the clip to make it shorter or longer. 

To make cuts in the middle of your video clip, move the Playhead to the place you want to make a cut. Then tap the Split & Trim tool (it’s the scissors button in the Options Panel). Choose Split at Playhead.

Your video clip has been cut and now has two new places where you can tap and drag to make your clip shorter or longer. 

For more precise cutting, you can position the Playhead where you want a cut. Then tap the Trim & Split tool (the scissors button), and choose Trim to Left/Right of Playhead.

As you cut, you’ll want to check to see if your video looks good. To play your video directly in the KineMaster project screen, tap the Play button under the Media Wheel.

TIP: If you spread or pinch two fingers on the Timeline, KineMaster will zoom in or out, making it easier to precisely position the Playhead at the timestamp you want.

3. Add Asset Magic

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