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KineMaster gives you some serious creative control over how your videos look. Layers allow you to stack up video, images, stickers, text, or draw directly over your video. 

KineMaster comes with a few transitions, effects, and stickers built in. You can download more from the KineMaster Asset Store!

Between video clips in your timeline is a box with a plus sign. Tap it to open the Transitions Panel. 

TIP: If you don’t see the transitions box between clips, it’s because your video clips are too short to display the box over them. Spread your fingers on the Timeline to zoom in and reveal the transition box.

The transitions that come free with KineMaster are extremely useful. Be sure to get familiar with them (in particular, the Presentation and Classic transition sets). 

Tap the Classic Transitions set. Then tap Crossfade. 

You can adjust how long the transition takes with the duration dial. Tap and drag your finger on the dial to increase or decrease the time the transition takes. 

Tap the checkmark button to return to your video.

Tap the Play button under the Media Wheel to see how your transition looks. 

To go beyond the basic assets, tap the KineMaster Asset Store button. 

You can download lots of additional effects, transitions, stickers, fonts, music tracks, sound effects, clip graphics, images, and video clips to use in your KineMaster videos! 

4. How’s That Sound?

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